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Our motto says it all. Best products, best pricing and best service. We believe that the solar market and green economy at large will never achieve its full potential without professional solar installers. That’s why we empower installers everyday.

Installers, not products, are the backbone of secure energy systems. Installers make renewable energy come to life. We faithfully supply installers everyday with the best in class products to ensure that their customers stay happy.


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The products we offer are solution designed and integration approved. This means seamless installation and connection of all our products.


We innovate with the products we offer. A small niche product list that integrates and delivers reliable power every day. Always scalable and safe!


We offer one of the fastest troubleshooting and service turnaround times in the business. Solving challenges needs speed and accuracy!

BackBoneEnergy is dedicated to helping in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Please click the link below for further information and any assistance you may need.

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