51v 6.4KW Lithium Iron Battery

The 51v 6,4kw BSL Lithium Battery offers the best power per kilowatt in SA. Perfect for residential energy applications, the 6,4kw BSL Battery communicates directly with most major inverters. For seamless installation and energy integration enquire about the BSLB range of batteries.

Communication Compatible Inverters:

Sunsynk / Deye

  • Programmable export
  • Can parallel on or off-grid
  • Single-phase and three-phase
  • Compatible with wind turbines
  • Compatible with micro inverters
  • Smart load capabilities
  • Lithium battery compatible
  • AGM battery compatible
  • A 50% surge current per 10 seconds
  • Marine (vessel power management)
  • Load shedding (home/office/factory)
  • UPS (fuel-saving systems)
  • Remote locations with solar and  wind generators
  • Building sites
  • Military locations
  • Telecommunication sites

Backbone BSL Batt Battery Setting Support Videos

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