Twice a year we release a customer satisfaction survey which goes out to over 400 installers nationwide. This survey otherwise known as a Net Promotor Score or NPS is used to determine our level of service amongst other important criteria.

Our NPS covers the following key areas:
Service and Support
Product Fulfillment

We have achieved an aggregate NPS of 95% which we are very happy about. We work hard to bring value to all our clients nationwide. Below are the details of our NPS scorecard and what questions we asked.

“How likely are you to recommend us to Friends and Family?” Rating: 9.5

“How would you rate our level of technical service?” Rating 9

“How would you rate our level of customer interaction?” Rating: 9.5

“How would you rate the products we sell?” Rating: 10

Backbone Energy is future focused and will always bring to market the most advanced energy solutions available for both residential and commercial applications.


We have partnered with the best support teams in the country, making our after sales service one of the leading aspects of our business. Passing on a wealth of knowledge and leading the way with LiFePO4 and other renewable products technology, growing a sustainable future for all.