Keep up with the latest news on our full product range, every update and development, as they happen. Keeping you up to date on our latest offerings and how we are ever advancing the technology that keeps us at the forefront of energy storage solutions.

Latest Updates

Backbone Energy Price Increases

We decided not to increase our pricing inline with many other manufactures, some by as much as 25%. We have instead decided to openly share the U.S.Dollar buying dealer price, which can be tracked by all clients. This allows for transparency as well as the comfort of knowing that when the rate of exchange improves, pricing will improve as a direct result.

Soltaro 5kw ESS Gen1

The Soltaro 5kw ESS Gen1 is now available in South Africa and ready for installation. This 5kw Soltaro is a 5kw inverter with an integrated 5kw LiFePO4 battery bank, complete with alloy casing, wiring and mobile app.

48v 4,8kw Shoto LFP M14 upgraded to L5

The Shoto SDA10-48100M14 upgraded to the new Shoto SDA10-48100L5. Upgrades include new BMS, longer cycle life and integrated breaker. This latest upgrade promises better performance over longer periods.

Gen2 180Ah power upgrade

The popular lead acid replacement Gen2 LiFePO4 battery is now improved and upgraded from 180Ah to 200Ah with new BMS. The new BMS allows for bigger battery banks.

Gen2 200Ah setting updated for better efficiencies

Upcoming developments

Soltaro 5kw Gen1 Batteries

Soltaro 5kw Gen1 Batteries are now available and more will be arriving within 2 weeks of the commencment of level 4 lockdown.

Soltaro 10kw ESS Gen1 update

Soltaro 10kw ESS Gen1 is nearly available and will begin shipping soon after lockdown level 3.

More Gen2 LiFePO4 power upgrades to come

Continouis research and development is in progress to develop greater power efficiencies. More information will be shared once the next Gen2 upgrades are available.

More powerfall Shoto Batteries to come

Research and development is currently being undertaken that will make more powerful Shoto batteries available in the near future. More details to follow as this becomes available to the public

Online monitoring RnD

Continuous research is being done with leading online monitoring platform providers. Due to lockdown, this progress has slowed but will pick up again. More developments on this to come.

Growatt Shoto Partnership

Growatt and Shoto are working in a collaboration to produce seamless online monitoring of any Shoto SDA10-48100 L5 battery installation. More developments on this to come.

Shoto Bluetooth SOC release

Shoto is soon to release a Bluetooth firmware upgrade, allowing for direct SOC monitoring via Bluetooth. The battery can then be connected to your phone or computer for monitoring purposes.

Shoto security upgrades to battery

The Shoto range of batteries will have security features available. These features include Gyro, Alarm and battery encasement with client details and logo. Should the battery be tampered with, the BMS will deactivate and an alarm siren will sound. Alarm will last for 60 days until deactivated.


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